2016 Roundup

Hi everyone!

Where to start this time?! Its been a whirlwind 6 months that has seen Junify embark on many new adventures. Every challenge has been overcome by their unquenchable enthusiasm and quirky sense of humour and optimism.

It’s been another hectic and busy term, and we have managed to pack a lot into the past 6 months. Rehearsals have been few and far between at times, but every single Junifier has worked hard and because of that we will be performing all new songs at the Big Summer Concert. This is a huge achievement and incredibly exciting!

There have been several highlights this term – in particular we were featured as the guest performing group at the Kid’s Alive Party Day (KAPD). This is the first time this year that we have performed outside of our ‘home turf’ at Chelmsford Salvation Army hall, and we did a great job of being outside of our comfort zone. For some Junifiers it was their first ever performance; they were very brave to stand in front of their peers and sing out their chosen song: “Saltwater”. It was a fun day out, although we appeared to be a little shy at first, and rumour has it that the singing on the minibus on the way to KAPD was 10x the volume of the performance at KAPD! But all the nerves were forgotten by the time we were performing "Dunston the Disco Dragon", and we had the entire audience on their feet and dancing along.

This term has seen a number of Junifiers come out of their shells and grow in confidence. This will be evident at the summer concert where there are more soloists performing than ever before. There will be a huge array of talent on display, and we are lucky that there are so many budding stars in our group.

This term has also seen some of the older members of our group take on more responsibility, and it has been lovely to see both our music library and attendance register being taken care of by some of our very own. We also pride ourselves on being a welcoming and inclusive group, and all of the team are very grateful to see the older members take the younger ones under the wings. Every member contributes to the inclusive atmosphere, from the youngest to the oldest, and we would like to see this continue as our group gradually expands.

We’ve had a great number of new members this term, but unfortunately not all of them have stayed. However, this year has also seen the development of a solid core of members who always attend, and they can learn the songs quicker than a cheetah on roller blades. The commitment of the members has been amazing, and their enthusiasm and hard work really shows, and we look forward to showcasing this at the Big Summer Concert.

Not everything is smiles and sunshine, however, and one of the more difficult jobs we’ve had to do this term is to say goodbye to on of the long-standing Junify team members. Laura will be jetting off to begin her own new adventure this summer as she spends the next few months as a Holiday Rep in Gran Canaria! We know she will do a great job there, and as much as we will miss her, the children and families on holiday there will be lucky to have her.

So, we have much to be proud of so far this year, and much to look forward to in the coming weeks and months. But, in traditional Junify style we would like to finish off this year with a bang. So to summarise this newsletter and to round of this year, we have an exciting announcement to make…

As of next term, we expect that Junify will be running EVERY SATURDAY during term-time!

The demand has certainly been there for this change to be made, and subject to a couple of final logistical arrangements, this will be going ahead from the start of next term.

In order to facilitate this, we will be welcoming a number of new faces onto the Junify team, and we look forward to finding out more about them in our next edition of Key Notes!!

A full list of dates will be issued in August ready for the new school year.

Thanks, and Just Keep Singing!


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