The Tip of the Tongue, the Teeth and the Lips!

Tongue twisters are great fun and often a little bit silly. For singers they are brilliant practise for getting our mouths round some of those more tricky passages of words.


"She sells sea shells on the sea shore"

"A skunk sat on a stump and thunk the stump stunk, but the stump thunk the skunk stunk"

"Unique New York"

If you can master those, you'll be a cheerful tongue twister champion!

So now we know that tongue twisters are not only fun but a really helpful tool to improve singing technique. There is also simpler alternatives to improving our pronunciation that don't require you to remember lots of confusing and muddled words. Try saying:

Tah Teh Toh Tee Too

Each word should be produced with a big kick of air from your diaphragm.

Top tip: place your hands in middle of your tummy underneath your rib cage. If your hands are moving in and out with every word then you are using your diaphragm properly.

Then you can replace the first letter of these words with any consonant (that's any letter other than A E I O U) that you like. For example:

Cah Ceh Coh Cee Coo

Gah Geh Go Gee Goo

Pah Peh Poh Pee Poo


The last one is only if you're feeling cheeky!

Once you've picked the letter you want to use sing these words to any notes you choose. Going up and down the scale is always a good start if you're not sure what to do. This morning at Junify, we sang this tricky tongue twister:

"Moses supposes his toeses are roses

But Moses supposes erroneously

For nobody's toses are posies of roses

As Moses supposes his toeses to be"

Practice it going up and down the scale. Start slowly and then as you get better begin to speed it up. See how fast you can go!

Next week at Junify we will be giving this another whirl so we'll be able to spot who has been practising!

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