A Little Bit Scatty!

Has anyone ever described you or someone you know as a little bit scatty? If they have it's probably because the person they are talking about is forgetful, clumsy or a little bit confused and all over the place.

When we listen to scat singing or scat music it can also sound a little bit all over the place. It is normally heard in JAZZ music, and therefore, has a relaxed and care-free sound.

Did you know...?

Scat is actually improvised (made up) jazz singing in which the voice is used in imitation of (to pretend to be) an instrument.

Scat singing has no words and instead uses made up words that sound like the instrument the singer is pretending to be! It's amazing how different you can make your voice sound depending on which instrument you are copying.

Give it a try to see for yourself!

If you're stuck, here are a couple of ideas to try:

Loud and punchy trumpet

(doo-wop, a-pow-wow, doo-be-doo, toot-tah, dididi-daa-ooo, pop-pip-pappy)

Smooth and silky saxophone

(schoo-be-ba, boo-ba, schoo-be-do, doo-be-diddily, schoo-be-do-waaaahhh)

Funny and sliding trombone

(Waaaahhhh, do-be-do-weeee, diddily-dah-dah-doo, woop-di-da)

Once you think you've got a few instruments nailed, try singing along to your favourite songs using your new scat sounds.See if your friends and family can guess which instrument you are being!

If you want to listen to some world-famous scat try looking up ELLA FITZGERALD or BETTY CARTER

Over the Rainbow has a whole verse of scat singing, and the voice needs to imitate an instrument that reflects the gentle and relaxed Hawaiian style; like the ukulele.

So, channel your inner Moana, Maui or Lilo and Stitch and try and create a calm and peaceful scat verse that will transport your listeners to the relaxing, sandy beaches of Hawaii! Next week we will see who create the most soulful and tranquil sounds that make us feel the sun, sea and sand of a tropical island.

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